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This is Nan Elmoth, a happy little community for posting icons (surprisingly enough), created and moderated by linakitten and steel_lace.

Rules (very easy, to keep us all happy):

-Comment! Commenting tells people that they're loved. It also tells us what people like so we can make more of the same.

-If someone asks (or even if they don't), credit. It's not difficult.

-If posting more than 3 icons at a time, put them under a LJ-cut.

-Icon requests are very much allowed but if things get out of hand this may change.

- Have fun

Information on the community name:
Nan Elmoth
In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, Nan Elmoth was the forest in Beleriand east of Doriath and south of the River Celon.

Melian enchanted Thingol in Nan Elmoth, before they founded the realm of Doriath. Later the trees grew to be the tallest and darkest in Beleriand, blocking the sun entirely from the forest floor, and Eöl the Dark Elf dwelt there. Nan Elmoth was held to be part of Dortiath, and Eöl paid Thingol with the black sword Gurthang as a fee for living there.

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